FETC: Amp Up Differentiated Instruction Digitally

These are my notes from the “Amp Up Differentiated Instruction Digitally” session at the 2016 FETC conference.



  • http://www.tpack.org
  • Technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge.
  • Overlapping from three areas of knowledge that teachers need to use technology effectively.
  • Not all students from other languages have a paradigm for written language.
  • Text-dependent skills and strategies, such as using text structures.


  • https://todaysmeet.com/FETC_JenBoyle
  • TodaysMeet
  • Students can post messages to the screen, similar to functionality within Nearpod.
  • Appears to have very limited functionality. Users can’t reply to each other.
  • The teacher can create rooms for discussion.

Benchmark Universe

  • http://www.benchmarkeducation.com
  • She demonstrated an ebook with voiceover that highlighted the words as they were read aloud.
  • ebooks can be modified for specific needs.
  • Filters for product type (ebook, eposter, ), language (Englis or Spanish), and subject area.
  • Readings can be narrowed by lexile level.

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