FETC: Double-Click to Edit: Hacking Keynote

These are my notes from the “Double-Click to Edit: Hacking Keynote” session at the 2016 FETC conference.


Presentation Styles

  • Shows video of Worst Presentation Ever.
  • It is great when people can’t tell you are using Keynote, they think you are using an app they have never seen.
  • Every Keynote has a style.
  • Showed Dick Hardt presentation style video.
  • Showed clip of Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone and comments on the Keynote design style.
    • “Is a widescreen iPod, a phone, and an Internet communication device.” Those are actually 3 bullets points, but each has own slide with a big icon.
    • Then he repeats the slides, but sped up, to create a visual joke.
  • @ambyburvall has a unique style. She draws everything in Paper by FiftyThree and uses white and pink on black background.
  • “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” – Picaso.
  • “I am not the expert. I am a practitioner”

Focus on Keynote for Mac

Designing a theme

  • Think about
    • Colors:
      • Not too many.
      • The desired mood should drive color choices.
      • Have enough contrast.
    • Fonts
      • Serif vs. sans serif.
      • Size: font size should be double the age of the average person in audience.
    • Animation style
      • Don’t distract.
      • Tell a story.
      • Timed events verses programmed animations.
      • Consistency
    • Image type: photos vs. clip art.
    • Aspect ratio: he no longer uses 4:3.
  • Design, content, and delivery all work together. Think about the rate of presentation, such as talking quickly through many simple slides.
  • The Honey Slap: Sweet story to pull in the audience, followed by harsh statement.

3 Big Tips

  • Magic move
  • Instant Alpha: remove background of image
  • Layering animation: he demonstrated how he made a couple of slides, such as an elevator door opening. He keeps saying each animation takes many hours.

Recommendations for Presentation Tips

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