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FETC: One More Thing

These are my notes from the “One More Thing” session at the 2016 FETC conference.



  • As participants enter, he is playing a Jimmy Kimmel skit on the screen: “Movie: The Movie“.
  • Started as a teacher, then tech director, then did start ups.
  • On a resume, you can say “I have been teaching for x number of phones”. The slide shows a lineup of several dozen smartphones that he has used.
  • Presentation philosophy
    • Slides are free
    • Say it now, you could be dead tomorrow.
  • “Edupreneur”: I make stuff
  • I even bought Applecare for my Kool Aid.
  • Overtime, our personal computers become portable.
  • Reviewed history of release of iPhone, App Store, and the iPad.
  • Portable learning has a long history.
  • Classroom technology misses the point because it puts too much emphasis on presentation devices.
  • We have 1:1 since the chalkPad.
    • Netbooks were not successful.
    • First iPad was not well received.
  • As a tech director, he refused to let a school to have an iPad for each teacher because they weren’t planning to let the kids use them.
  • There are no apps to fix the eduproblems.
  • Districts give technology, but not time.
  • Ed tech is often just digital replication.
  • Innovation is not just iteration. Innovation requires bravery.
  • “Solutions get cooked up in board rooms and fed to us in classrooms.”
  • “Date the device, but marry the abilities.” Don’t get attached to one type of device, but think about how other devices offer similar functions, and be ready to switch platforms.
  • Being an early adopter can be painful, “we are from 5 years in their future”.
  • Consumption vs. creation. Our job is to teach kids to cook, not just to eat.
  • Teach kids to upload apps, not just download them.
  • Learn to code because it gives you the keys to unlock your imagination.
  • Demonstrates apps that allow creation:
    • GarageBand – you can try any instrument.
    • Shows a full functioning CAD program.
    • Floors: draw a Mario level on paper, scan it, and it creates a game you can play.
    • Super Mario Maker for the Wii U.
  • It’s not hour of code, it is hours of code.
  • If you want to build a ship, give people a love of the sea (quote from the Little Prince)
  • Shows video of old man learning to read so he can read his son’s book. It turns out to be a scotch commercial.
  • The worst f-word is “fear of failure”. That is the greatest barrier of success.
  • Old arcade games made you fail every 30 seconds so they could take your money, but you would keep coming back.
  • Uses Tickle app to fly a drone over the audience. Shows journal entry of his son describing the experience in his writers notebook, and merely got a check from his teacher.
  • “The beauty of technology is differentiation of creation.”
  • #edchat and Ed Camp are bringing teachers together.
  • The magic is what students create with the tools.
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