Public School Websites Don’t Have to Suck

Link: Public School Websites Don’t Have to Suck

This is a great summary of the problems afflicting many K12 public education web sites. I’ve had to work around many of these pitfalls myself, which is one of the reasons I prefer to use my own domain and have autonomy for my classroom web site.

History of the iPod Infographic

Graphic showing timeline of iPods

Link: History of the iPod Infographic

I must have purchased my first iPod in 2004. It was the 3rd generation, but it was a gray-scale screen, not the full color one that did photos. It lasted me about four years, because then I bought the 2nd generation iPod Touch in 2008. I hope the 4th generation iPod Touches I just purchased last four years.

FaceTime Call

Screenshot of my dog in FaceTimeI’m starting to make more progress with my initial setup of the iPod Touches. I don’t have my laptop at school yet, so I set up a “classroom” account on my home computer that I’m using to sync a couple of the iPods. Naturally, one of the first things I did was play with FaceTime. To enable FaceTime, I’ve created an email account for each iPod {ipod01, ipod02…} at my classroom domain and set up IMAP accounts in Mail on my computer. The addresses are all in Address Book, so it is easy to call one iPod from another.

To be honest, I don’t see any real educational applications here, and I might end up having to disable FaceTime on the devices if my students mess around with it. Since it is so easy to turn it on and off, it’s worth learning how to set it up. Also, it might be helpful to have the email address for each iPod since so many apps can send content that way.

Evaluation Rubric for Educational Apps

The Evaluation Rubric for Educational Apps has some great questions to for teachers to consider when selecting iOS apps to use in a classroom. It seems unlikely that anyone would really run through this whole rubric for each app. However, it could also be used by teachers as a framework for explaining why specific apps are worth the investment, both for purchasing and for class time. I greatly appreciate that “differentiation” is one of the criteria, and I think “authenticity” could easily be overlooked without using this rubric.