The Battle for the Interactive White Board: The Kids Surrender

This article includes my main concern about interactive white boards before going on to describe a few uses of the technology:

The fact is, there’s only one Interactive White Board per classroom, and there may be 25 or more students. There is never going to be enough time in one class period to let everyone have-at-it on the white board.

My principal asked me just the other day why I wasn’t trying to get a IWB. My response was that I prefer technology that can be put in the hands of every student.

Data to Digest on Thanksgiving

Here are some interesting statistics about the growth of mobile computing. From a recent post by LukeW on networked device ownership:

  • 85% of Americans own cell phones but only 59% have personal computers.
  • 75% of teens own a cell phone.

Meanwhile, The Unofficial Apple Weblog recently linked to a Nielsen survey citing that 31% of kids 6-12 and would want an iPad as their next gift and 29% would want an iPod Touch. Both of those devices are rated higher than gaming devices such as a Nintendo DS or a PlayStation Portable and much higher than a Wii or Xbox 360.

Kids today clearly have a preference for mobile devices.

Apple in Education Week at Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac ran a series this week looking at the revival of Apple products in education. I recommend you at least read the following:

  1. It’s All About Mobility –  check out the graph at the end showing the decline of Dell and the rise of Apple.
  2. iPads Get Top Grades In Cedars School Pilot Project – overview of the iPad pilot launched by Fraser Speirs.
  3. The Best iOS Apps for Education
  4. iPad May Replace Computers and Textbooks In Schools, Expert Predicts – it is great for reading but also can do writing.

And for a more cynical look at computers in education, read this interview with pioneering computer scientist Alan Kay.