New MacBook

I now have my new MacBook, which is another huge step forward. Time to do some serious syncing.

Photo of my new MacBook


Students Earning Blogs

Intriguing idea. Before students in Ms Yollis’ class are given their own blog, they must earn it by writing thoughtful comments on other student blogs. This sounds like a great way to gradually introduce skills about appropriate and responsible publishing on the Internet.

iPads Bring Accessibility to the Disabled at a Far Lower Cost

Link: iPads bring accessibility to the disabled at a far lower cost compares the iPad to other accessibility devices. I’ve seen an Eco up close and I agree that the iPad has more features by default, runs more reliability, and costs far less than the $7,000 – $15,000 price tag for the Eco. The article suggests that most devices are purposely limited to one function in order to qualify for Medicaid. That is disappointing if true, since limiting an expensive device to one feature seems to work agains accessibility.

“Pupils and teachers will never want a device that’s harder to use than the iPad”

Some pretty safe bets from Fraser Speirs. If we limit the scope of those predictions to education, I mostly agree with him. However, I think that for the foreseeable future we will continue to need more complicated and powerful devices. My colleague who teaches the CAD program at my school could not achieve the same results with iPads. His class will continue to need desktops.

Bretford Cart Arrival

My Bretford iPod cart arrived today. Unboxing was easy, but I spent over an hour trying to figure out the best place to keep it in the classroom that would have access to power.

Also, the cart already has a nickname: Cart2D2.

Photo of my new Bretford iPod cart

Photo of my new Bretford iPod cart with the drawer open


Mobile Learning at a Tipping Point

Link: Mobile Learning at a Tipping Point

Story summarizing findings presented by Project Tomorrow at the Speak Up conference held on October 29, 2010. The study shows that student access to mobile technology in the classroom has tripled in the last three years. Also, 62% of parents surveyed said they would purchase a mobile device for their students if they were allowed to use them in school. The full report is available, but it requires registration on their Blackboard site.