FETC: Makerspace-in-a-Box

These are my notes from the “Makerspace-in-a-Box” session at the 2016 FETC conference.



  • We have always been makers.
  • Build your inner-duck. No too are alike!
  • If all projects are the same, you have taught your students a recipe. This comes from telling students exactly how many slides to have in their PowerPoint.
  • They created a series of boxes. Each one has materials for 1 or 2 challenges. Directions in included in each box, or students can access online with a QR code.

Paper Circuits

Activating a paper circuit
Activating a paper circuit.

Squishy Circuits

Lighting up a squishy circuit.
Lighting up a squishy circuit.

Makey Makey

Making a fruit piano with a Makey Makey
Making a fruit piano with a Makey Makey


A wearable LED button
A wearable LED button

FETC: Building a Blended Learning Toolkit

These are my notes from the “Building a Blended Learning Toolkit” session at the 2016 FETC conference.


Blended Learning

  • Students can review what happened in class.
  • Give every access. Teachers need to learn how to get the technology work for us.
  • Can incorporate all of the stakeholders, including parents and administrators, so they know what is happening in your class.
  • Enables differentiation. “Finally!”



  • http://nearpod.com or download the app
  • Nearpod Presentation
  • Looks like a slideshow of static images.
  • Can post a question for the students to respond to. Presenter is able to select specific responses from a list to post on the screen.
  • A slide with images of computers, tablets, cell phones etc., directions say to circle the devices you use most with students.
  • Create reports of how students responded to questions. (Also, she was able to embed a pdf in the presentation.) Display a pie chart of the results to students.
  • SAMR Model
    • Substitution
    • Augmentation (technology is added in, but not essential to the task)
    • Modification
    • Redefinition (task could not be done without technology)
  • Can send links to students that automatically open on their device. Or just make links that students can click on.
  • Embed movies
  • Import a PowerPoint
  • Launch a homework session
    • Asynchronous – students move at own pace.
    • A participant suggested looking at Office Mix

Haiku Deck

  • https://www.haikudeck.com
  • Create simple slideshows. One theme per presentation and a short list of slide layouts.
  • Search for a Creative Content image within app to embed.
  • $5 a month for educators.


Explain Everything


Google Classroom


How to make all of the tools work together.


  • http://weebly.com
  • Drag and drop elements to create a web site.
  • Easily embed images from Getty Images.
  • Look for the embed symbol </> to insert embeds from other sites, such as embedding a Nearpod.