Labeling iPods

For our first day of winter vacation, my wife and I spent some time in my classroom bar-coding and labeling my iPods. We also labeled each slot in the cart.

That process went fairly quickly, but I also wanted to upgrade all of the iPods to iOS 4.2.1. That took much more time because I could only do one device at a time. However, by following these directions from Fraser Speirs on how to save the update file locally, I saved close to 10 minutes each device.

Photo of my iPods in the drawer of my Bretford Cart

Close-up photo of my drawer with labels.

Evaluation Rubric for Educational Apps

The Evaluation Rubric for Educational Apps has some great questions to for teachers to consider when selecting iOS apps to use in a classroom. It seems unlikely that anyone would really run through this whole rubric for each app. However, it could also be used by teachers as a framework for explaining why specific apps are worth the investment, both for purchasing and for class time. I greatly appreciate that “differentiation” is one of the criteria, and I think “authenticity” could easily be overlooked without using this rubric.